EFTPOS terminals are secure payment devices that offer functionality at merchant points of sale to accept banking cards, for example VISA or MasterCard, cardless or contactless payments. Our systems facilitate electronic payments between consumers’ bank card accounts and merchant by authorising payments during the payment transaction process. Payment POS terminals provide merchants with payment status after each on-line transaction occurs, such as a transaction approval, or a transaction decline. At the end of every transaction terminals provide consumers and merchants with printed receipts of transaction outcomes.

EFTPOS payment terminals offer diverse solutions for various categories of merchants or omni-channel requirements, for example:

Countertop EFTPOS terminals are fixed on merchant countertops or checkout points and offer payment functionality to consumers interacting with merchant cashiers for payment.  

Where payment mobility is required, battery operated Mobile POS terminals provide portability to consumers, for example in restaurants and forecourts, for convenient payment transactions.

In micro merchant environs, more cost-effective mPos devices are utilised as a solution for smaller enterprises. mPos terminals can also be integrated with other third-party mobile applications for Android and iOS, by operating from a mobile phone or tablet.  

In large retail environs with multi electronic POS or till points, EFTPOS PINPAD terminals can be integrated with retail POS software systems. These terminals require the retail POS solution resources, such as network communications to their remote host and local printing facilities for receipt printouts.  

All the above-mentioned terminals offer EMV chip-card transactions, as well as contactless (tap and go) functionality. The main function of EFTPOS terminals is to offer secure payment facilities, however all our terminals offer additional functionality such as VAS (Value Added Services) via easy to use menus that facilitate airtime sales or loyalty functionality, to mention a few.

All PayPoint terminals comply with international regulatory certification such PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and EMV (Europay, MasterCard, VISA).  

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Please refer to our product brochures for a list of international certifications.    

PayPoint offers a variety of Card Payment Terminals such as;

  • Nexgo N5
  • Nexgo N6
  • Nexgo K300
  • Nexgo N86 Android
  • Nexgo P200 Android

Please refer to our EFT POS brochures for more information about PayPoint’s POS terminal solutions to suite your unique payment requirements.


PayPoint offers a highly skilled and experienced software development team to provide payment software design, development and deployment of various PayPoint payment terminals. All our payment software is flexible for easy customisation and integration to third party central payment and financial Switching systems. We support most international encryption formats together with secure key injection and translation.

Nexgo N5 Smart Pos 

touchscreen paypoint terminal
Nexgo touchscreen paypoint terminal

For more information about the Nexgo N5 Smart Pos, click here.

Nexgo N6 Smart Mini Pos Terminal

Nexgo terminal

For more information about the Nexgo N6 Smart Mini Pos Terminal, click here.

Nexgo K300 Wireless Payment Device

Nexgo Paypoint terminal
Nexgo terminal

For more information about the Nexgo K300 Wireless Payment Device, click here.

Nexgo N86 Smart Pos

N86 Terminal
N86 Terminal

Nexgo P200 Smart Pos

P200 Terminal
P200 Terminal