PayPoint’s Mini or SSD-ATM (Self Service Device – Automated Teller Machine) is a compact Multiple Service In-store Terminal that enables the provision of formal ATM transactions together with multiple VAS (Value Added Services) offerings. This cost-effective solution is ideal for small enterprise merchant outlets, where large ATM deployments or Cash-In-Transit is not cost effective or logistically feasible.

Our Mini-ATM offers the same ATM experience with one difference. Instead of dispensing cash, a voucher is printed for the cash amount requested, which is then redeemable from the store cashier. After every voucher, a receipt is also printed for the cardholder’s record. Clients may also print Mini Statements, make Balance Enquiries, Account Payments, purchase Pre-Paid Products and benefit from other PIN based banking options for all Debit and Credit Cards.

Our (Postilion) Back Office System reconciles cash sums issued each day, and credits Merchant Bank Accounts (settlement process) with corresponding totals of the equivalent cash dispensed and applicable service charges.

International Banking Security measures are adhered to, thus providing complete peace of mind for both Merchants and Bank Service Providers. PayPoint’s SSD-ATM is PCI and EMV certified and designed to function in African trading conditions, where power is often unstable and communication networks present challenges.

Standard large cash holding ATM terminals are generally not ideal for rural market conditions due to demanding and expensive cash transportation “CIT”, to support and reload such ATM’s.

Furthermore, the condition of used cash notes in some African countries lacks the minimum quality standard required to prevent note feeder jams and other related technical troubles. Technical support is also very expensive in rural localities, due to inflated travel costs, often on poor road infrastructure.

Benefits of our SSD Mini-ATM:

  • Cost effective terminal, easy to deploy and operate;
  • Next day settlement reduces or eliminates merchant travel costs to deposit cash at peri-urban or urban bank branches
  • Cash deposit fees savings;
  • Consumers gain access to our ATM terminal infrastructure within their immediate rural environs and thus save travelling costs;
  • More money subsequently recirculates within rural communities, thus motivating community support for entrepreneurial development of local enterprises, which in turn stimulates regional economic growth