PayPoint owns and utilises a Postilion Back Office System and Financial Switch to transact, manage and integrate secure financial and formal banking transactions. PayPoint’s remote terminals such as their PayPoint Mini-ATM, EFTPOS, MPOS, USSD and Mobile Systems are all integrated to PayPoint’s Postilion System to comply with International security standards that protect and facilitate two-way flow of secure transactions. Hardware Servers and HSM’s (Hardware Secure Modules) are deployed in a PCI DSS compliant data centre with full disaster recovery and redundancy.

Postilion is a fully integrated System Suite, consisting of various product modules utilised by financial institutions and payment processors for secure card acquiring, transaction routing and authorised clearance of payments. This dynamic international system also offers a full Back Office module to manage, reconcile and settle transactions between financial service providers, merchants and card holders.

Utilised by banks, financial organisations and payment service providers globally, Postilion provides secure payment functionality designed for high-volume transaction processing that complies with International PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa).

PayPoint is proud to have in-house well educated and experienced Postilion system engineers and supporting experts with more than 21 years working on Postilion.  This includes expertise working with all the various modules and Back Office of Postilion.  Furthermore multiple integrations have been conducted to different banks, other legacy systems, Card Associations and the National Payment system environment.  All services include complicated security configurations and support to the HSM’s and Key translations.